Monday, March 10, 2008

The Danger of 'Special' Values

When defining the meaning of a data field, it can be tempting to specify certain values that the field may hold as special. Those values would signify a different meaning than all other values.

A great example of this is in the Windows Installer API, where the docs for MsiRecordSetInteger state "To set a record integer field to NULL_INTEGER, set iValue to MSI_NULL_INTEGER".

So the MSI_NULL_INTEGER constant:
#define MSI_NULL_INTEGER 0x80000000
has a different meaning than any other integer.

There can be good reasons for doing this. The Windows Installer team probably made a special value for NULL to obviate the need for every field in the msi database to have a boolean attached to it specifying whether the field is null or not. Obviously there is a large space saving advantage here.

But the dangers of doing this are obvious. What if someone wants to store 0x80000000 and not have it considered as a null value? This is exactly the reason why the docs for the LockPermissions table declares:
"You cannot specify GENERIC_READ in the Permission column. Attempting to do so will fail. Instead, you must specify a value such as KEY_READ or FILE_GENERIC_READ."

It just so happens that the value of the GENERIC_READ constant is, you guessed it, 0x80000000. Ouch.

So, while the docs are technically correct, it is worth noting that you can use GENERIC_READ, as long as it is combined with another bit flag. This is the reason that InstEd has included GenericRead in it's Permissions column bit flag editor.

InstEd Permission bit flag editor

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