Thursday, March 5, 2009

InstEd Plus: Just what you need!

I am pleased to finally announce the availability of InstEd Plus.

InstEd Plus is a plugin module to InstEd.

InstEd continues to be the most effective table editor available and will remain free to download and use in any (legal) scenario. However it is acknowledged that some tasks are just time consuming when dealing with tables alone (e.g. adding files to an installation, editing dialogs, etc).

Rather than pollute InstEd with a whole raft of features that may or may not get used, a plugin architecture is being developed so that InstEd remains fast to load, fast to run, and has minimal runtime depencies so that you can "just grab it and go" no matter where you are.

So while InstEd remains the excellent FREE table editor that it has always been, InstEd Plus is the first plugin module available.

The motivation behind InstEd Plus is to provide fast, and yet completely customisable, methods of doing the "time consuming" tasks.

Its File Manager feature (the first of hopefully many) provides an intuitive yet advanced view of the Directory table and the installation's files. It allows drag drop addition of files to the installation, and allows easy CAB manipulation.

You can see it in action here:

InstEd Plus is the first foray into plugins, and will hopefully lead to an SDK allowing 3rd party plugins. One of the advantages of plugins is that their runtime dependencies don't impact InstEd's. So while InstEd Plus takes advantage of some of the nice features available with .NET's WPF to provide a first class interface, and therefore has a .NET Framework dependency, InstEd will still run fine without it.

InstEd Plus will require a license to run it for a nominal fee. However please note that InstEd will continue to be actively developed, and will continue to remain free.

I have a whole raft of features in mind to be added to both InstEd, and InstEd Plus. Very shortly, I will be releasing a new version of InstEd with some bug fixes and
hopefully a new feature or two.

So please, have a look at InstEd Plus, grab a copy if you think it valuable, and watch this space for further development of both tools.


Anonymous said...

Hi, from the video seems like you can extract files in MSI package; but I wonder if we can extract files in MSI+CAB? (i.e., the tables in MSI and files in CAB, which is created by InstallShield)

Neil said...

InstEd Plus will happily extract the files from an external CAB.