Monday, February 15, 2010

WoW 64

Wow, a 64 bit InstEd. Wouldn't that be great. Well, good at least.

It would be a fairly simple task to compile a 64 bit InstEd.

The sticking point comes with the Windows Installer SDK. Microsoft do not provide 64 bit versions (at least I can't find them) of 2 dll's that InstEd uses, specifically mergemod.dll and evalcom2.dll.

One day I may knock up a 32 bit proxy process for calling these dll's, that a 64 bit InstEd would RPC to. However, hopefully Microsoft will publish 64 bit versions of those dll's soon.

In the meantime, InstEd runs happily on WoW64 and no one has yet complained of running out of address space. So wow, WoW64.

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K.Miller said...

I completely agree with you, cause its really not great news. But it seems that I found out solution of this bad problem - all that we need is to find msvcp140.dll missing here and everything will be okay for sure.